Schloss Sanssouci im Park Sanssouci

Information on how to get to Potsdam & Sanssouci

Arrival Information, Potsdam, Sanssouci PalaceWould you like to visit Sanssouci Palace and are planning your arrival? Here you will find useful information for your arrival and how to get to Sanssouci Park with Sanssouci Palace at a reasonable price. It can be said in advance that Potsdam is easily accessible by almost all means of transport.

Potsdam is in the heart of Brandenburg – travel tips

The state capital Potsdam is located in the heart of Brandenburg. It can be easily reached by car as well as by train from all directions. Even if arriving by car seems very practical at first glance, we recommend using public transport. In city traffic, trams, buses and ferries are on the move day and night.

Potsdam by car

The location within the Berlin Autobahn ring connects Potsdam with all major roads leading to Berlin. Potsdam is very easy to reach by car. However, road closures can be expected, especially at major events. Please inform yourself in before arriving. If you would like to drive to Sanssouci Palace, you can use one of the parking lots nearby or in Potsdam city center. You can find out more about the parking spaces at Sanssouci Palace here.

Potsdam by bus

The Havelbus Verkehrsgesellschaft buses, which primarily connect the surrounding area with Potsdam, and the Potsdam Verkehrsbetriebe buses offer a good journey. In addition to public transport, travel agency also offer direct trips to Potsdam.

Potsdam by train

From Berlin, where all long-distance trains stop, you can quickly get to Potsdam by S-Bahn and regional trains. The S7 and several regional trains run from Berlin to the Brandenburg capital. We therefore recommend that you use local public transport. The Berlin WelcomeCard is a great offer. In addition to a ticket, you also get discounts on many sights and tickets.

Potsdam by boat

You hear right – Potsdam can also be reached by boat. Potsdam is completely surrounded by water. The Havel is particularly popular with numerous water tourists from spring to autumn. Potsdam has a water filling station and there are even shopping opportunities right on the water. Find out about berths in advance.

You can also travel comfortably by plane due to the proximity of the two airports Schönefeld and Tegel. Then use the bus or train to travel to Potsdam. Regional trains and buses run directly from Schönefeld to Potsdam and an airport bus from Berlin’s Tegel airport to Berlin Zoo station. From there, take the S-Bahn or the regional train to Potsdam Central Station.

Hotels & accommodations in Potsdam

Potsdam has a variety of accommodations and hotels. Note that availability is very limited, especially in the main seasons. So book a hotel in Potsdam in good time. For example, use our hotel overview of Potsdam hotels.

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