Sanssouci Palace | Construction, architecture & history

Schloss Sanssouci im Park Sanssouci
Sanssouci Palace in Sanssouci Park

The highlight of every Potsdam trip and the most visited attraction in Potsdam is the Sanssouci Palace in Sanssouci Park in Potsdam. We would like to introduce you to Friedrich II’s summer palace on the following pages.

Sanssouci Palace | Overview

We have put together information about the castle for you, including the history, construction and architecture of the castle, pictures, event tips as well as information on ticket purchase and opening times. Furthermore, a list of frequently asked questions, a so-called FAQ, was compiled. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

History of Sanssouci Palace

A violent argument is part of the history of the castle. You can find further facts and background information on the construction of the castle in our article on the history of the castle.

Construction and architecture

The one-storey, elongated castle was originally intended as a summer palace for Frederick II. However, he spent most of the year there. The model for the castle was a model of a French “Maison de plaisance”. The castle has also become famous for its south-facing garden facade. It is one of the most photographed motifs. The garden facade is crowned by a domed central building and is decorated with 36 sandstone heaters by Friedrich Christian Glume d. J. decorated. The courtyard connects to the north with a two-armed colonnade. Further information on construction and architecture can be found in the links below:


Pictures say more than a thousand words. That is why we have put together some pictures of the castle for you so that you can get a first impression of the beauty of the castle. That doesn’t replace a visit – I promise.


Sanssouci Park and Sanssouci Palace host some very nice events throughout the year. The Potsdam Castle Night, which takes place on two evenings in August, is known beyond the national borders. But the concerts of the Potsdam Sanssouci Music Festival can only be recommended.

Tickets for Sanssouci Palace

There is currently no admission fee for Park Sanssouci. However, there is the possibility of paying a voluntary entry to the park and thus supporting the maintenance and care of the gardens.

You need an entrance ticket for the castles. There are different variants here, which we would like to introduce to you in the following article. Please inform yourself in advance of your visit directly from the provider.

Opening hours

The castle is open all year round. However, the opening times differ in the summer and winter months. In addition, special regulations regarding the public holidays must be observed. You can find information on opening hours in the following entry.

Getting there

We have put together some very useful information for your arrival. Among other things, how you can reach the park with the castle at the cheapest. It can be said in advance that Potsdam is easily accessible by almost all means of transport.

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