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Sanssouci Palace | Parking

Here you will find information about parking facilities and parking lots around Sanssouci Park and Sanssouci Palace with prices and capacities. Even though we generally recommend visiting the park by public transport or on foot, there are always reasons that make traveling by car necessary. The question that often arises is where can I get the cheapest and safest parking in Potsdam.

Parking spaces at Sanssouci Palace or Sanssouci Park

There are several parking spaces around Sanssouci Park and at Sanssouci Palace, which we would like to introduce to you here. As of October 2019, the city of Potsdam has 13 parking garages or underground garages as well as additional parking spaces. More than 2,500 parking spaces are available. The city of Potsdam also offers a parking guidance system that makes orientation easier for you.

Parking costs

You will hardly find any free parking spaces in Potsdam. In the inner city area in particular, most parking spaces can be used either for residents or only by purchasing parking tickets. The prices for parking spaces vary in Potsdam, depending on the location. Before you travel, please find out where you can best park.

Security & additional services in the parking lots

Parking spaces are mostly monitored and therefore ensure a lot of security. This also applies to the parking spaces around Sanssouci Park, Sanssouci Palace and in Potsdam. The parking garages also protect against weather conditions. Possibly. additional services are offered in the parking lots or car parks. For example, video surveillance, electric charging stations, elevators, toilet facilities, disabled parking spaces, women’s parking spaces or family parking spaces. Since the information varies greatly, we ask you to inform yourself directly on site.

Choice of parking spaces at Sanssouci Palace or Sanssouci Park

If you want to visit Sanssouci Palace or Sanssouci Park, you can use the following car parks or parking spaces. Please inquire directly with the provider before your arrival. The status of the information is from October 2019. It is mostly about the daily tariffs. All information is provided without warranty.

Parking Area Park Sanssouci P1 Historische Mühle

AddressParking Area
Zur Historischen Mühle 1
Capacity: 169 parking spaces
Short-term parking: 15 minutes free
General tariff:   3.00 EUR first hour; 2.00 EUR every additional hour
Daily tariff: 10,00 EUR       

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CONTIPARK Tiefgarage Luisenplatz

AdressParking garage
Open around the clock
Capacity188 parking spaces
Short-term parking: 30 minutes: 0.50 €
General tariff:    from 1st hour: 1.50 €
Daily tariff: 12,00 €
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Kapazität: 47 Parkplätze
Kurzparkzeit: bis 20 min. kostenfrei
Grundtarif:   je weitere 20 min. 0,50 €
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Folgende Parkplätze sind etwas weiter weg, aber das Schloss Sanssouci trotzdem gut fußläufig erreichbar.

Sanssouci P2 – Voltaireweg

AdresseUnbewachter und bewirtschafteter Parking Area (Parkscheinautomat)
Parking Area
Voltaireweg, 14469 Potsdam
Kurzparkzeit: Gebührenzone 2
Grundtarif:   je 20 min: 0,50 €

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PARK ONE Parkhaus Karstadt Zentrum

AdresseHegelallee 6-10, 14467 Potsdam
Kapazität: 470 Parkplätze
Kurzparkzeit: 30 Minuten: 1,00 €
Tagestarif: 15,00 € (Monatsticket: 105 €)

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Park Sanssouci P3 Am Neuen Palais

AdresseParking Area, Am Neuen Palais
Kapazität: 189 Parkplätze
Kurzparkzeit: 15 Minuten frei
Grundtarif:   3,00 EUR erste Stunde; 2,00 EUR jede weitere Stunde
Tagestarif: 10,00 EUR   

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You can also get a good overview with personal information about parking complaints in Potsdam at or


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